5 Incredible Things Your Skin Does for You

5 Incredible Things Your Skin Does for You

As we get older, sometimes we, unfortunately, learn to hate our skin.

Harmful messaging from advertisers and brands may give you the urge to pick and pull at your skin, or you may secretly wish that it were different.

But there is far too much focus put on what our skin looks like aesthetically, and not enough focus on all the remarkable things that our skin can do.

Your skin is your constant companion from birth to death, and it is always working for you, not against you, even when you don’t realize it.

So let’s take a moment to focus on all the wonderful things about your skin so that we can give it a little credit!

Your Skin is Brand New Every 28 Days

All the time, and especially while you sleep, your skin is generating new cells at the bottom layer of the epidermis that then travel upwards and push dead skin cells out of the way. This whole process takes about a month.

That means that each month, you have a whole new layer of skin.

It can be healthy to use a natural exfoliant to help expedite this process, just make sure that you only exfoliate once a week max, and you avoid exfoliants that have abrasive chunks in them that can potentially cause small abrasions in your face.

Your Skin Protects You

Your skin is tough. It can take on a daily barrage of bacteria, germs, viruses, and infection without you even noticing.

Other organs are far more sensitive to these outside contagions. So your skin, when it’s healthy and functioning properly, keeps those other vulnerable organs from getting sick.

Because skin also detects things like hot and cold and can recognize the difference between pain and pleasure, it also protects you from getting the rest of your body into situations that could hurt it.

Your Skin Regulates your Body Temperature

All the time, your skin is reading what your body needs and reacting appropriately.

When your body temperature is too low, the blood vessels in your skin will constrict so that less blood flows near the surface of your skin and heat is preserved. But if you are feeling too warm, your skin’s blood vessels will dilate, meaning more blood will flow closer to the surface of your skin, and more heat will be released.

Your Skin Feels Stress, Too

Chronic stress produces reactions in the body that lead to inflammation and collagen breakdown.

Inflammation from stress can cause acne or individual pimples. Collagen keeps your skin looking young and refreshed, so as collagen breaks down as a result of stress, you may show more signs of aging.

However, these major differences in your appearance are often caused by chronic stress, so if you get nervous sometimes, don’t sweat it. That most likely won’t cause premature aging.

But next time you’re stressed out, remember that stress can be bad for your health, so take a moment to go on a walk, stretch, or dance, and you’ll be doing your body a favor in the long run.

Moisturizing Your Skin is Good for Your Health

As mentioned, your skin protects you from outside infections that might be more harmful to the sensitive organs inside your body. But skin that is dry more easily cracks open or becomes harmed, making it more at risk for germs to get in.

That means that not only is dry, flaking skin uncomfortable, but it can also compromise your health.

That’s why we recommend adding the best-selling Fièra Apple Stem Cell Cream to your skincare routine. This moisturizing cream utilizes apple stem cells to give your skin a young, refreshed, and supple look. And along with the aesthetic benefits, it also keeps your skin barrier healthy so that no foreign contaminants infect your skin and body.

Show Your Skin Some Love

With all the hard work your skin does for you, let’s take a few moments to appreciate it and all the incredible things that it’s capable of!

Keep your skin healthy and clean with products that were designed for it, and, trust us, if you say thank you to your skin, it will return your thanks over and over again!

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