CCPA-CPRA Compliance

Data Rectification

You can use the link below to update your account data if it is not accurate.

Data Portability

You can use the links below to download all the data we store and use for a better experience in our store.

Access to Personal Data

You can use the link below to request a report which will contain all personal information that we store for you.

Do not Sell My Personal Information

We use personal data such as persistent identifier, demographic data, infrance data, and website activity for the purposes of cross-contextual advertising. Under applicable laws this form of activity may qualify as 'sharing of personal data'.

You can submit a request to let us know that you do not agree for your personal information to be shared or sold.

Right to be Forgotten

Use this option if you want to remove your personal and other data from our store. Keep in mind that this process will delete your account, so you will no longer be able to access or use it anymore.