Fièra January Discounts You Won't Want to Miss

Fièra January Discounts You Won't Want to Miss

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean the savings have to be! Kick-off your winter season with some great deals from Fièra Cosmetics that you do not want to miss.

Here’s the deal, no pun intended:

Each week we’re offering special discounts on a few of our products. To snatch these up at the right time, check out this sneak peek into our schedule, and mark your calendars! 

Fièra Anti-Aging Concealer: 15% Off

Whether you need partial coverage, or overall coverage, the Fièra concealer is a staple for its versatility. Perfect for mature skin, this concealer does not seep into fine lines, and covers all wrinkles, and/or problem spots without any fuss. 

Not sure what shade is the perfect fit for your skin tone? We recommend going a shade lighter for touch-ups and under-eye coverage, and going a shade closer to your skin tone for overall coverage. The good news: you have five shades to choose from! 

If you didn’t find the perfect fit the first time around, Fièra also offers a free 30-day money-back guarantee, plus simple exchanges for all verified purchases. 

With a 4.7/5 star rating, and 2325 reviews, our concealer is a customer favorite. 92% of customers said the concealer provided full coverage, 83% said they use it daily, and 93% said they would buy this product again. 

Don’t wait, take advantage of this great deal!

  • Dates To Remember: Thursday, January 7th and Friday, January 15th
  • What You Get: Restorative, all-natural coverage for 15% off
  • The Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Lecithin, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Haloxyl 

Miss the opportunity? Don’t worry – you can still save 33% by buying two bottles and getting one free!

Fièra Citrus Serum: 20% Off

The best makeup products are always supported by the best skincare products. Laying a strong foundation for your skin to remain healthy, and hydrated is an essential part of any makeup routine. 

That’s why we love the Fièra Citrus Serum. Using a combination of powerful antioxidants, and vitamins, the Citrus Serum is able to even out your skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elacticity, while also protecting, replenishing, and preserving your skin.   

  • Dates To Remember: Saturday, January 9th
  • What You Get: A twice-daily spritz for skin tone improvement for 20% off
  • The Ingredients: Caribbean Orange Oil, Vitamin C, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin, Citrus Stem Cells

What are citrus stem cells? 

Plant derived stem cells are used frequently in skincare products in order to restore skin elasticity, and delay common signs of aging. Utilizing natural ingredients is something that Fièra Cosmetics takes seriously, which is why we also embrace all-natural methods.

What does it mean when we say “all-natural”? To us, it means this:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • BHT & BHA Free
  • Fragrance-Free

Do your skin a favor, keep your products all-natural.

Take advantage of our January deals, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep an eye out for more! With our free worldwide shipping, better skincare is just a click away. 

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