Fièra New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial

Fièra New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial

For many, New Year’s Eve is a time to dress up, eat, drink, be merry, and make promises for the new year. It can be a fantastic time to reflect on what the previous year brought, and a time to show gratitude towards a new chapter.

But this New Year’s Eve feels different. 

You might be looking forward to this chance to start over, to feel a glimmer of hope, or a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Even if you’re not able to celebrate with loved ones, or aren’t feeling too festive this year, do yourself, and your skin, a favor. Celebrate this body for getting you through a tough time, and for looking fabulous while doing it!

The NYE Looks

Not leaving your living room this New Year’s Eve? No matter! Pop out the lipstick, we’re celebrating. 

Step 1: Cleanse! To make sure your face is a clean, and ready canvas for your makeup, be sure to prepare it properly. We recommend starting with a face mask to soothe your skin and set the tone for the day, followed by moisturizing both the face and the neck, to ensure a smooth, hydrated finish. 

Step 2: Concealer. Concealer is like a magic wand. Whether you want light coverage for small blemishes, fine lines, or wrinkles, or you want full coverage to even out your skin tone, concealer can do it for you. 

Step 3: Blush + Highlight. This holiday deserves an especially rosy look. With a brush, take a bit of blush and sweep it up from the middle of your cheek lightly into the cheekbone. Try a different shade this year too! Something warm, and worthy of your beautiful smile. Then, top it off with a bit of highlighter. Bringing a slight shimmer to your cheekbones and the tip of your nose will make you absolutely glow. 

Tip: If you want to be extra festive, use your highlighter as an eyeshadow as well. That nice, light, champagne shimmer will bring out your eyes, and tie the look together. 

Step 4: Mascara. A touch of attention to the eyes can make any day feel a little more special. Don’t worry about a smokey eye, or anything too complicated. Throw on that mascara to get nice, full lashes – an especially beautiful pairing with the champagne eyeshadow. 

Step 5: Lipstick. Don’t let age limit you from trying new, bold looks. There’s a simple way to have a little fun with your makeup while still looking classy: lipstick! Whether you’re in the mood for a cherry red or a plum mauve, there are so many stunning colors to choose from. Our advice: try something with a deeper tone to contrast the lightness in the eyeshadow. A pop of color is always the best solution for this holiday look. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!

Be kind to yourself, and your skin this new year. Fièra products are all-natural, revitalizing, and hydrating, making sure you look and feel your best all the time. For more tips and tricks for how to manage mature skin, visit our blog, and leave a comment below to let us know how this New Year’s Eve makeup tutorial worked out for you! 

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