Get to Know Vitamin E and How it Works

Get to Know Vitamin E and How it Works

If you are aware of the general benefits of Vitamins in terms of the food you consume, you might be even more confused about how they can play a role in your skincare. Equipped with more knowledge, you can make an executive decision about what your skin needs the most, and which ingredients will give you the best results possible.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a natural vitamin found in a lot of plant oils such as corn and soybean oils as well as vegetable oils such as wheat germ, sunflower oils, and safflower oils. It is dissolvable in fats, which makes it easily commonly found in foods. But consuming foods with Vitamin E is not the only way to maximize the antioxidant properties of this Vitamin. To see how Vitamin E can change your skincare, read more below.

How does it work?

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant to help protect and preserve the skin and also helps regulate the organs. Whether you get your Vitamin E intake from food, supplements, or skincare products, getting your intake of Vitamin E is an important part of practicing well-rounded health. 

Why is it helpful for skincare?

Because of the antioxidant properties, Vitamin E is able to protect the skin from free radicals and can help repair skin from damage. If you have extensive sun damage, scarring, or inflammation, considering implementing Vitamin E into your skincare routine can help decrease the signs of skin damage and inflammation. 

While you might have been previously focused on the importance of hydrating your skin, making sure to protect and preserve your skin is equally important. 

What skincare products can I try with Vitamin E?

Skincare products such as moisturizers, creams, and serums might all use Vitamin E to help with skin repair, skin preservation, and skin revitalization. 

The Fièra Cosmetics Apple Cream Stem Cell Cream uses Vitamin E to do just that. Designed to help hydrate, restore and replenish mature skin, the Apple Cream utilizes active ingredients such as natural hemp oil, Vitamin A, apple stem cells, and hydrolyzed collagen along with Vitamin E to achieve the best results possible. Mature skin needs more assistance to feel and look as youthful as possible, and Fièra Cosmetics is committed to delivering your best skincare available with all-natural methods (non-GMO, cruelty-free, and gluten-free) and all-natural ingredients for their products.

Vitamin E is also one of the primary active ingredients in the Fièra Cosmetics Anti-Aging Neck Cream. Paired with other active ingredients such as shea butter, willow bark extract, glycerin, green tea extract, sodium hyaluronate, squalene, and glycolic acid, the Anti-Aging Neck Cream is packed with antioxidant power and hydrating properties. 

To take advantage of the Vitamin E in either of these products, use the cream twice a day and notice the signs of aging and skin damage slowly fade away. For maximum antioxidant power, consider pairing either product with the Fièra Citrus Stem C Serum

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