How to Clean Your Brushes

How to Clean Your Brushes

Caring for your skin also means caring for your products.

When using concealers like Fièra’s Luxury Concealer, it’s highly recommended that you use a brush for even and smooth application. 

Cleaning your brushes can be time-consuming, and it can even damage them if you don’t do it correctly, so read on to find out how to properly clean your brushes!

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Clean Them Regularly 

Just like you wash your clothes and clean your dishes on a semi-regular basis, you should also clean your brushes regularly to get rid of build-up and grease from the skin that might have accumulated from using them on a consistent basis.

You should be cleaning your brushes once a week to ensure that they don’t get so dirty that they become permanently stained.

The longer you put off cleaning your brushes, the more concealer and other products can build up, making the process of cleaning them more intensive and more time consuming. It’s not only more sanitary to clean them often; it’s also more convenient in the long run.

Use a Gentle Soap

If you have brushes that use natural hair like our luxury brushes, using gentle soap is a must. However, even if you use a brush that has synthetic hair, using a gentle soap can also lead to the brush potentially having a longer lifespan as the bristles won’t be stressed every wash.

Try not to Get the Base Wet

The brush is typically comprised of the handle, the base, and the bristles themselves. Sometimes, the bristles are glued into the base, keeping them compact and in place.

Most brushes aren’t made with high-quality materials, and that includes the glue. The bristles will fall out of the brush if the glue was cheaply made.

Our brushes are different. We only go for high-quality when constructing our Concealer Brush or our Finishing Powder Brush. Due to the care that we put into our ingredients, with regular washes our brushes in return will give you a nice, long lifespan.

Regardless, try this process to make sure you don’t inadvertently damage your brushes:

  • Place water and a little bit of soap (a tiny amount of dish soap or facewash works fine) into a lid or small plate, so it’s only a thin layer.
  • Brush the bottom of the lid, moving the water back and forth so that the edges of the brush become clean. 
  • Dip the brush in another lid or plate that has only cool water, to rinse the soap off.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary.
  • Replace the water between washing each brush, as you will see it become filled with dried powder and concealer. 
  • Dry them by hanging them over the edge of your counter or vanity.

Use the Proper Drying Method

The most important part of your brush is the shape, so it’s vital that you don’t compromise that while you’re cleaning it.

When drying your brushes, you should gently squeeze as much excess water as possible out of them when you first finish. Don’t twist the bristles to wring them dry, though.

Then, do your best to reform the bristles into their initial shape.

Afterwards, balance them on the edge of a countertop in order to preserve the shape as it dries. If you leave it on a flat surface, it will squish the bristles into a flat shape.

Never dry your brushes on a towel; this can cause them to become mildewy, and you just worked hard to clean them!

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