It's Time for Makeup to Cater to Older Women

We deserve to feel beautiful at any age. And yet, many beauty brands tell the same story over and over again in their advertisements and promotional materials. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing young women showing off new makeup looks, and makeup aisles are full of young faces with red lips and pink cheeks.

But not anymore. Finally, brands have realized that older women are a huge market for buying makeup, and they want to know which looks work with their skin and their lives. There are many new and exciting brands that are designing makeup and face creams specifically for women who are in their 40s and older.

Older women like to switch things up

Now, with baby boomers reaching their older years, makeup brands have recognized how vital it is to cater to this huge market. It was once believed that older women are loyal to one brand for their whole lives. But recently, we’ve seen that older women do change their style as they get older. You don’t need to use the same brand of foundation for your whole life. In the modern world, women change jobs, find new friend groups, move to new cities, and try new things for their whole lives! Age doesn’t prevent you from being passionate and curious if that’s the way you’ve always been. If you’re doing new things every day, then why not try out a new makeup look?

It might be time to switch things up and go for a brand that makes products catered to you. A new makeover, and switching to a new makeup brand can make you feel revitalized and beautiful.

Pro-age, not anti-age

Instead of teaching women that aging is something to be ashamed of, we are embracing this natural process and teaching women how to feel beautiful and healthy at any age. Older women are attractive, classy, and sexy!

That’s why the makeup industry is no longer teaching women to reject their age, but instead aiding them with aging gracefully and feeling beautiful regardless of their age.

The Best Products for Older Women

Here at Fièra, we are dedicated to making women over 40 feel beautiful. In fact, we specifically make products for them!

Here are some of our best-selling products that we recommend for the gorgeous older woman who wants to let her beauty shine through.

1.      Fièra anti-aging concealer

This product is one of the only concealers of its kind on the market. It is specifically designed to blur imperfections and leave you skin with that perfect, matte finish.

2.      Fièra concealer brush

Meant to be used in conjunction with the anti-aging concealer, this product is specifically designed to give a quick, even, easy application.

3. Fièra HD Finishing Powder

This HD finishing powder is meant to give that “final touch.” It has a matte effect used to absorb excess oil and sit evenly on your skin.

4. Fièra Anti-Aging Neck Cream

One of the most popular products the Fièra has to offer, this neck cream offers high-quality ingredients that, when applied to your neck, tighten sagging skin for exactly the look you want.


Your skin changes as you age, and all these products were designed specifically to cater to older skin. That means you get the best quality, and the perfect ingredients, suited just for you.

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