Our Favorite Concealer Tips From Customers

Our Favorite Concealer Tips From Customers

We do our best to offer meaningful and excellent tips and advice to our readers, such as when we listed off some of the dos and don’ts for anti-aging products or when we talked about what to consider when buying a serum.

We’re no stranger to offering advice about concealer either! We even shared an alternative way that mature women can apply the product for an even better result than usual. 

However, with so many loyal customers, it’s no surprise that real Fièra users come back to us with creative and useful tips that we hadn’t thought of before.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips here. We’d like to extend a genuine thank you to all the women who wrote to us with this wonderful ideas!

Don’t Be Scared to Double-Dip!

Our concealer can be a multi-use product. Most concealers only work on specific spot treatments, but our concealer can be used as a foundation as well.

The purpose of foundation is to prime your skin for concealer application. However, with our concealer, you can prime and also create full-face coverage along with covering up specific blemishes.

Most concealers are too cakey/heavy, and it will just make you look like you’re wearing more layers than you actually are. Fièra’s Luxury Concealer is just as effective as a concealer, but it’s much more breathable than other concealers, and women find that they get amazing results from using it as foundation.

Use it Sparingly 

Even if you love a product, the best concealers are the ones that you don’t need to use a lot of in order to get the results you want.

Meg C. writes:

“I love how a little goes a long way. The texture is thick, but not too thick. It covers nicely and I don’t need to re-apply.”

Our concealer is high quality, so you don’t need to use a lot in order to get the great results that we promise. By using only a little bit, your face will feel lighter (since you’ll have less product on overall), and one tube will last even longer!

Use the Right Tools

Our concealer can absolutely be applied using your hands or a beauty blender, but we recommend also picking up our Concealer Brush for the best results. We believe in this so much that we provide our brush -for free- with each purchase of concealer.

Kathy P. says:

“At first I thought it was a bit thick and heavy but with the brush, and a little practice I have been impressed with every aspect of the concealer.”

If our product is applied properly, then we promise you’ll love the results you’ll get.

Be Consistent

Along with providing excellent coverage, our concealer can also help to improve your skin’s health through consistent and persistent usage. Over time, our concealer can restore your skin’s dewy and youthful appearance.

Pat A. tells us:

“The more I wear it, the more I realize my skin is improving…”

Over time, the best beauty products will promote your skin’s health so that you can just be reassured and enjoy your mature years without much fuss.

Do you have any other tips that aren’t listed? Be sure to comment or leave a review to share your experience!

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