Skin Changes During Menopause

Skin Changes During Menopause

Menopause. Just the word can sound frustrating, especially for older women who truly know what it entails.

Sometimes we’re embarrassed to talk about it, but menopause, and all the cycles that women go through, are completely natural.

There is nothing shameful about menopause, and we can only benefit from talking about it with each other, especially because menopause will look different for every woman.

For example, some women during menopause will start to see changes in their skin, and if you didn’t know to expect them, then you may not link these symptoms to your menopause process right off the bat.

But if you know what’s coming, then you can better manage your menopause journey and get ahead of any side effects.

What Happens in Your Body During Menopause?

When you enter menopause, your body begins to produce less and less of a hormone called estrogen. Both men and women have both testosterone and estrogen in some quantity, however, estrogen is more generally associated with women and female characteristics.

Estrogen production levels affect how your skin and hair develop, and a lower amount of estrogen being produced means that there’s less estrogen in your body to deal with certain tasks like upkeep.

What Does This Mean For My Skin?

With decreasing estrogen levels, you can expect to see some of these, if not all of these, effects in your skin:

  • Sagging
  • A loss of plumpness
  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Formation of dark spots
  • Acne breakouts

While you may not necessarily be looking forward to these symptoms, they can all be perfectly manageable if you know how to deal with them.

How Can I Manage These Skin Changes?

By using the right products, you can prevent damage to your skin as well as return some of its youthful qualities!

Lots of companies claim to have the best products for the job, but not all of these products are made with older women in mind. When the company caters to both older women and younger women, then they tend to place a lot of their focus on developing products for younger women.

Fièra is different. We’re a company that has a complete focus placed on mature women and their skin. We care about you and want to help you attain your skin goals no matter what they may be.

We know about the effects of menopause, so we have products formulated around tackling those specific problems all while offering other benefits, too! 

Our products work overtime to turn back the clock and prevent further damage from happening, and we even offer our products in convenient bundles that have been tested to work perfectly together for a specific purpose.

When you’re looking to combat menopause, you should always pick products that work well together, and Fièra products were designed to do just that.

By using our Redness Reduction Bundle, you can fight back against dry or red skin caused by menopause all while restoring some of the plumpness to your skin through the hydrating power of our Apple Stem Cell Cream!

The bundle also features our luxury concealer. Not only does this product act as a concealer capable of providing full coverage, but it also helps to restore your skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

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