The Power of Products that have been Tested to Work Well Together

To have a truly great experience with your skin, you need to have a team of products that work great together to make you look fabulous and modern.

No color issues

Buying a product from one company here and another from another company there can lead you to have a lot of brands and a lot of products just sitting around on your shelves with no rhyme or reason. 

Companies don’t talk about their formulas together, so one product might not mix well with another, especially if they’re products that have shades meant to match your skin tone.

By using products from the same brand, you’re guaranteeing that every shaded product that you use will be a perfect match to another, so there’s no worrying about one being slightly off while the other is perfect. 

Colors that look like they match your skin tone on their own might look wildly different when put side by side, so don’t let isolated comparisons trick you!

Ingredients that complement each other

When companies make products, if they’re making products meant to truly work, then they will consider putting complementary ingredients in each of their products to make sure that one product’s ingredients are enhanced by another

For example, many Fièra products utilize anti-aging ingredients and vitamins that prevent free radicals from accumulating in your skin. The powerful combination of multiple products with these ingredients means that your skin becomes as protected as it can be.

The right tool for the job

The concealer brush that you use to apply your concealer matters just as much as the concealer itself, so don’t use a drugstore brush with a luxury concealer! 

Typically, cheaper brushes have less dense collections of bristles, and some could be stiffer and less pleasant to use.

Luxury brushes are dense and soft, providing full coverage in less time than if you were using a cheaper brush. Fièra’s concealer brush makes the perfect complement to their concealer.

Saving money

By buying products from the same company that are designed to work together, you might find that the company you’re purchasing from could reward you for buying a collection of their products! 

You buy in bulk with toilet paper and water bottles so that they’re more inexpensive, but sometimes we don’t think to do the same thing with our makeup. A “bundle” from one company can cost significantly less than buying each product in the bundle individually.

The Fièra Beauty Bundle costs $99.97 and includes our Concealer Brush, our Luxury Concealer, our HD Matte Finishing Powder, and our Finishing Powder Brush. This price is significantly better than buying each of these products alone, and together you know that all the products will work in tandem. When buying high-quality products, any chance to save is a chance worth taking.

It’s also just convenient to be able to click one button and have every item you were intending to purchase added instantly to your cart without having to pay taxes on each individual item!

All the products in the beauty bundle will run out around the same time meaning that you can simply purchase the next batch once your current one is used up.

The beauty bundle makes a fabulous, thoughtful gift for any mama and grandmama this holiday season. It would be the ideal way to introduce a loved one to the world of luxury makeup that is designed specifically for women of their age, and their skin type.

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