The Real Reviews from Real (Mature) Women Are In

The Real Reviews from Real (Mature) Women Are In

Trusting that most anti-aging products will do what they are advertised to do can be a slippery slope. If you have never used anti-aging products before, or you are trying a new brand, it can take time to see the results of anti-aging products, after you have spent your money.

For that reason, relying heavily on the reviews of verified customers can be the best way to get a real sense of a brand, product, and assessment for the results. With the Fièra Cosmetics Anti-Aging Concealer rated 4.5 stars and reviewed 13240 times, you can trust that you are getting the most accurate responses available.

Recent Reviews

As the Fièra Cosmetics Anti-Aging Concealer becomes more popular, the reviews become more in-depth:

Review by Lillian R. on August 2023: I am thrilled with this luxury concealer by Fièra! I thought it would be just a great concealer, but it is now my makeup! It covers so beautifully and melts into my skin. Most products lay on top but this concealer does not. I just put it on with my blush and highlighter and my skin looks fresh and moist . It lasts all day. I am 69 and I have a lot of discoloration, red spots, sun spots and some perioral dermatitis. I’m just amazed at how this works perfectly to solve all those problems!

Review by Meera M. on August 2023: I absolutely love this concealer! It’s such a rich yet light consistency! But the best part? No creasing! I’m 44 and I always had a hard time finding a concealer that won’t crease and dry out under my eyes. This one doesn’t do that and I’m so grateful! I will be purchasing again for sure!!!!

Review by Anna P. on August 2023: The Fièra Luxury Concealer is the best concealer I've ever used. I mix different shades to apply as a concealer, a foundation, and a contour makeup. A little goes a long way. It is gentle to my sensitive skin (doesn't have an added scent), stays in place (even without setting powder - which I don't use), and lasts a long time. It is affordable and has few ingredients and no harmful chemicals, or additives! And because the tubes are small, I can carry two shades in my cosmetic bag (in my purse). 10 trillion stars!!!!

Top Reviews

Most verified customers have rated the concealer with 5 stars, here are a few of our favorites.

Review by Susan K. on August 2023: Loving this concealer! Excellent coverage while looking extremely natural. No creasing or lines. Color matched my skin perfectly. Bought 2 colors and using the lighter color as my highlighter. This 68 year old is happy, happy, happy with the whole new look!

Review by Lisa E. on August 2023: Game changer. I have lots of dark spots and this concealer hides everything and makes me look much younger, exactly what I was hoping for!

Review by Kristi C. on August 2023: I absolutely LOVE this concealer!!! I just turned 50 on August 20th and as I started aging, I noticed regular make up in general made me look much older. I used this product and was absolutely amazed how beautiful I felt. (Not trying to sound conceited) I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I will continue to purchase from this brand. Thank you



While positive reviews are important for making a conscious purchase, taking note of the concerns listed can be the best way to understand what you are buying. To help ease some confusion, here are some common concerns.

  • Thickness: Those who are concerned with the thickness at first soon love it, because of the coverage it provides! Some suggest warming it between your fingers first for easier application. The concealer is designed to be thick to help with spot correction. With an array of active ingredients, the thickness of the concealer can also help with hydration, and assist with smoothing fine lines and wrinkles rather than seeping into them.
  • Bottle Size: Even though the concealer comes in a smaller bottle size, it is designed to last a while. A small dollop of the product goes a long way. You can save 33% today by purchasing 2 bottles and getting one free.
  • Color Matching: If you are concerned about finding the right skin tone match, you’re not alone. We recommend selecting a shade that is closest to your skin tone for spot and blemish coverage and selecting a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone for under-eye coverage. Most customers actually purchase two colors to blend together for an exact match of their skin in every season!

Fièra Cosmetics is non-GMO, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, creating skincare products with your mature skin in mind.


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