The Scientific Reason Skin Starts Looking Duller with Age

The Scientific Reason Skin Starts Looking Duller with Age

There are a lot of things that change with age that many women wish wouldn’t, and the look of their skin is one of them.

Everyone knows that skin becomes thinner and more wrinkled with age, and it’s just a natural part of aging. There’s no shame in it, and it’s a universal experience.

This doesn’t make it any less difficult to go through at first, though, but you just have to remember that you are beautiful regardless of your age. Your beauty is comprised of your experience, your welcoming energy, your kindness, and your joie de vivre- not just surface-level “prettiness.”

When going through a change, it can sometimes make it easier to experience it if you understand why it’s happening. Although most women understand that these changes will happen to their skin, they don’t know why.

Duller Skin Means Loss of Pigment

The pigment and vividness of the pigment of your skin are determined by the number of cells that contain pigment in your skin.

These cells are called melanocytes. You may recognize them as the cells that produce melanin.

When you begin to age, the number of melanocytes decreases while the ones that still exist expand in size. Although this might sound like they even each other out, the bigger cells do not compensate for the missing cells.

Due to this, skin can begin to look translucent or see-through which explains why veins are more easily seen in older people. The expanded melanocytes also explain why older women will see sun spots begin to form on their skin.

Thinning of Layers

The transparentness of the skin is also caused by the fact that the epidermis (the upper layer of your skin) is no longer producing other cells at the same speed.

The slow production of cells by the epidermis is also what causes wrinkles in older women. Other layers of cells don’t change in size or thickness as the epidermis does, so that means that less material (cells) exists to cover the same surface area. 

In areas of high movement like the areas around your mouth and eyes, this thinning can lead to more fine lines and wrinkles.

By using Fièra’s Neck Roller, you can improve your skin’s elasticity to combat the effects of the thinning of the epidermis!

In addition, the neck roller will also make your skin more willing to absorb creams and other products that you might want to use to improve your skin making it a great addition to a daily skincare routine.

Lack of Natural Moisturizer

More changes than just those in the epidermis also take place.

For example, the glands that produce oil on your face and skin will begin to produce less and less. Men don’t experience this until they’re very late in their years, but women experience it much sooner in comparison.

This may be a boon to those with naturally oily skin, but most women will begin to need to supplement the oil that’s naturally produced with moisturizer.

Fièra’s Apple Stem Cell Cream is specifically designed with older women in mind.

It has moisturizer to supplement the oil produced by your skin as well as Vitamin A which works to improve skin tone over time and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

It works with time to make older women feel their best, and those who have used it will highly recommend it!

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