The Ultimate Eyelid Lift Eyeshadow Tutorial

The Ultimate Eyelid Lift Eyeshadow Tutorial

Makeup can be almost transformative if you know how to use it correctly – that’s why in many ways, it is considered an art form. Rather than spending a lot of time, energy, and money on cosmetic procedures, why not just learn a few makeup hacks and get the same results?

In this article, we’ll review a fabulous way to make your eyelids lift, and your eyes pop.

Eyelid Lift Eyeshadow Tutorial:

What you will need:

  • Eyelid primer, or concealer
  • An eyeshadow pallet of your choosing
  • An eyeshadow brush (or two)

Step 1: Use a primer or concealer, and with your finger and spread the product onto your eyelid to set an even base for the rest of your makeup.

Step 2: Take your desired eyeshadow color, and eyeshadow brush, apply the eyeshadow with top to bottom strokes, rather than side to side strokes. For color choice, we recommend you choose a shade that is complementary to your eye color or a neutral shade. 

Step 3: To reach your crease and to mask your hooded eyelid, lift your eyelid with one hand while applying eyeshadow to your crease with the other hand.

Step 4: Use a lighter shade to highlight your brow bone and use that same shade to gently shade the area near your tear duct.

Step 5: With the original shade, or something slightly darker, run your brush lightly underneath your water line to make your eyes pop.

The Color Wheel:

Everyone has a slightly different eye color. The shades of browns, blues, and greens vary so vastly that picking an eyeshadow shade that is right for you becomes an individual process.

The color wheel, fortunately, helps address some basic answers when it comes to what colors compliment each other. Using the color wheel as a good jumping-off point will then allow you to explore all the additional shades that can make your eyes pop.

The color wheel for eye colors:

  • Brown Eyes: Jewel tones such as purple, green, and aqua
  • Blue Eyes: Orange tones such as peach, apricot, gold, and bronze
  • Green Eyes: Magenta tones such as burgundy, violet, and pink

If you don’t feel super comfortable navigating the realm of colored eyeshadow, you can always rely on the neutrals. Soft browns, tans, and light champagne colors are pretty universal when it comes to eye color combinations. If you have a go-to color that you are especially comfortable with, try this tutorial with that shade first, and venture out after you see how much you like it!

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