Why Fièra is Dedicated to the Fight Against Animal Cruelty

Fièra Cosmetics is a proud creator of all-natural skincare and makeup. Not only does this entail being gluten-free, non-GMO, and paraben-free, but also: cruelty-free.


There are many reasons why people opt to stay away from animal-related foods, clothes, and cosmetic products. In this article, we’ll review why being cruelty-free is in the best interest of the consumer, the producer, and most importantly – our furry little friends.

What is Considered Animal Cruelty?

Animal cruelty can, unfortunately, include a lot of different types of animal mistreatment. In some cases, animal cruelty can mean animal neglect or abuse. 


Perhaps it is easier to picture animal cruelty within a pet ownership situation. For example, if a pet owner does not provide an animal with proper food, water, shelter, attention, and grooming, this is considered animal cruelty in the form of animal neglect. Neglect can also be seen when a pet owner has too many animals living in one property without the proper amount of space or ability to care for said animals. 


Likewise, if a pet owner uses excessive chains, padlocks, or ties to severely keep an animal from moving, this is considered animal abuse. Animal abuse also occurs when a pet owner inflicts physical harm onto the animal. Animal abandonment is a frequent example of both animal neglect and abuse. This form of trauma to an animal is labeled as cruel for a good reason: it is cruel.



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