Why Women Tend to Give Up on Beauty Efforts When They Get Older

When you are young, it is tempting to meet every beauty standard and expectation possible. Often, you are bombarded with media telling you how to dress, act, and look. Women, especially young women, will go to extensive efforts to look a certain way. Or at the very least, to look their “best.” 

The problem with beauty standards is that they are not inclusive of most appearances. Beauty brands will try to manipulate your self-confidence so that you feel poorly about yourself and feel compelled to buy products to make you look different… to make you look like someone else… someone who you are not. 

For that reason, when we get older, it makes sense that most women want to give up on the whole process. It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to keep up with beauty standards. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. 

Let’s Break It Down

Here are a few common reasons or beliefs why women give up on beauty efforts as they age:

  • You’re tired: The most obvious, you are tired of trying. Perhaps you just don’t care anymore. That makes sense and is completely acceptable. Wanting your time and effort to go to something other than your makeup is not an unreasonable request.
  • You’re clueless: You never really learned how to do makeup in a way that increased your confidence in the first place. Makeup can be tricky and finding ways for it to complement your features can be difficult, no matter what age you are.
  • You Never Did It For Yourself: Perhaps you never actually did your makeup for yourself. Whether you did it because you thought you had to, or you did it because you were told you had to, you might not know what a game-changer makeup can be when you do it for yourself – with your own style and your own self-confidence.
  • You Don’t Think It Makes a Difference: Maybe you simply think makeup does not make enough of a difference in your appearance for it to matter. This is another perfectly reasonable opinion. 
  • Acceptance Of The Skin You’re In: A positive reason to stop wearing makeup can be due to acceptance. Being happy with the skin you’re in is the best thing you can hope for – celebrate it!

With that said, it’s important to distinguish the difference between makeup and beauty efforts. Many women will lump together the two concepts and give up on their looks thinking that they are just giving up on makeup. Truthfully, it’s more complicated than that. 

As you stop caring, you might notice yourself taking less and less care of your body overall. Maybe you don’t practice a healthy skincare routine as frequently, or you don’t eat as well as you used to. A lack of self-care can creep in slowly but surely.

We’re not saying that wearing makeup all the time can be a solution, but there is something essential about self-care that improves your daily life, and thereby, your overall well-being.

Even if you simply start out with a moisturizer and a concealer, you can find some vital time to be with yourself and play with your personal style. With moisturizer, you can make sure your skin stays hydrated and feels good, and with concealer, you can make sure that you feel like you are prepared to be present and show up wherever you go.

All self-care efforts, especially as you age, should be about you feeling your best. That’s why Fièra Cosmetics designed the Luxury Concealer for mature skin. The active ingredients in the concealer are designed to protect your skin while it also smooths any fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, or blemishes. Walk tall, feel good. Try the Luxury Concealer today.

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