Why You Should Buy More Than One Color of Concealer

If you’ve never had multiples of the same makeup product in the past, you’re not alone. Many people don’t realize how frequently their skin changes and how you can benefit from multiple shades of makeup. In this article, we will talk about why it’s important to buy multiple colors of concealer.

How Your Skin Changes

For starters, no matter your skin tone, everyone knows that your skin will darken a bit in the summertime or in climates with stronger sun. Likewise, you might notice your skin looking a bit paler in the wintertime or in climates without much sun at all. 

There are other circumstances in which your skin tone might change, weather aside. For example, when you are feeling a bit under the weather, when you’re pregnant, or you have a skin condition such as eczema, your skin tone might be uneven. 

Plus, different shades of concealer can be good for different reasons. For example, a lighter shade of concealer can be great for concealing dark under-eye circles, and a shade closer to your skin tone can be great for covering blemishes or age spots.

It’s like having a few pairs of jeans. A lot of people have one pair of jeans that’s slightly bigger for when they want to go out to dinner, and a pair for when they want something more snug. With options, your clothes are able to work for you rather than the other way around. 

Knowing Your Tone

Selecting your concealer shade can be difficult. Oftentimes you might feel like you will not know your perfect match just by looking at the bottle. To know which shade to select, it is important to understand both your undertone and your overtone.


Your undertone can be described in a few ways:

  • Warm: Green, Olive, Yellow, Peach
  • Cool: Pink, Red, Purple, Blue
  • Neutral: Combination of cool & warm

Once you establish what your skin’s undertone is, you can then understand your skin’s overtone. 


Your overtone is often the more common focus when discussing skin tone. If you’ve been told that you have fair skin, medium skin, or darker skin, these are all comments about your overtone.

Terminology for makeup is often based on your overtone shade. You are usually asked to select a shade that is light, medium, or dark, sometimes with specificities in between. Keeping in mind your undertone, you will be more able to correctly evaluate which overtone shade is right for you. And with the purchase of two concealers, you will be able to switch off shades based on what your skin looks like throughout the seasons.

The Concealer

The Fièra Cosmetics Anti-Aging Concealer comes in five different shades to meet all of your makeup needs. With active ingredients, this concealer is specifically designed to give your mature skin a chance to thrive. Instead of seeping into fine lines and wrinkles like other concealers, this concealer blends perfectly into your mature skin and shields and protects the skin, while also restoring your supple, youthful appearance.

To learn more about makeup for mature skin, check out the Fièra Cosmetics blog

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